Nido-Infant Community

507A0663The Nido-Infant Community is a beautiful and safe environment specifically designed to foster and support a child’s first year of life (8 weeks to 16 months, or walking confidently). This time is a huge period of growth, from moving by reflex to climbing and perhaps even running!

Each material in the Nido has an intelligent and motor-driven purpose to aid the child’s acquisition of different skills. The different areas of materials include: fine motor manipulatives (such as imbucare or infilare exercises, i.e. putting a ball into a box), large motor apparatus (such as the Stair or Kiosk and Bar), psycho-sensory motor development, and language (learning names of fruit, conversations with the Nido staff, singing, etc.)

The child is drawn to the materials because they are simple and beautiful. The materials are easy for the child to manipulate and to understand how each piece works. Working with the materials builds self-esteem, independence, and a strong self-image as the child sees s/he can do it on his own and through collaboration with the Nido guide and staff.

The child will also work in collaboration with the Nido guide and staff to feed herself, dress herself, and being to develop toilet awareness by wearing cloth diapers.

The Nido (derived from the Italian word for nest) is a home away from home, where infants will flourish confidently into toddlerhood.

CW’s Nido-Infant Community follows a twelve-month calendar. All of our programs are 5 days a week.¬†Children are admitted with the expectation that they will continue in the school and complete kindergarten at CW.

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What makes Montessori education unique?

In Montessori, we follow the child rather than follow the curriculum. A Montessori school is completely child-centered -- we teach each child according to their specific needs to help them reach their full potential.
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A Parent’s Perspective

"Our experience at Children's Workshop has been fantastic. The program is a true Montessori program, different from the chain programs that call themselves such. The staff is well prepared and loving. The children learn to become a part of a social family, while thriving academically. As parents, we have benefited not only from the school, but also from the fellowship with other parents. It is a joy to have found Children's Workshop Montessori! I highly recommend it!"
Owner's Manual for a Montessori Child