Summer School

Summer School at Children’s Workshop enables children 16 months through kindergarten to build upon Montessori concepts in a fun, educational environment, while allowing them to have a break from the normal school year structure. Children have the opportunity to exercise their creativity through theme related activities, projects, books, and songs. Morning yoga, afternoon soccer games, and plenty of running through the sprinkler, will provide children the physical activity they desire. Filled with numerous in-school visitors, our Summer School is an exciting, educational and action-packed adventure for the children!

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What makes Montessori education unique?

In Montessori, we follow the child rather than follow the curriculum. A Montessori school is completely child-centered -- we teach each child according to their specific needs to help them reach their full potential.
Grace & Courtesy at Children's Workshop

A Parent’s Perspective

"Our experience at Children's Workshop has been fantastic. The program is a true Montessori program, different from the chain programs that call themselves such. The staff is well prepared and loving. The children learn to become a part of a social family, while thriving academically. As parents, we have benefited not only from the school, but also from the fellowship with other parents. It is a joy to have found Children's Workshop Montessori! I highly recommend it!"
Owner's Manual for a Montessori Child